Dec 12, 2008

It's Friday, Play at Work!

Totally in tune with the Ted Talk of Tim Brown that I posted some days ago, today I found this oh so cool! video of an office totally made with what you can call "kids' stuff".

Among other things, you will see CMYK crayons, RGB paint dispensers, a wax crayon drawing lamp and a cardboard parquet floor. All of it surrounded by some wonderful music (is it Coldplay?).

I love the little details like the name for the crayons!

The idea behind the installation was to recreate a working design studio that will encourage designers to create... but without computers (except of course the ones made of wax). I guess the experience could be like literally going back to the drawing board!

Found via Smart Emma Portfolio.


Anonymous said...


The song is a DJ Shadow track from his latest album.

Anonymous said...

It's DJ Shadow - You Made It (Feat. Chris James)

Thank god for Shazam

San said...

Thanks for the info on the song!