Dec 18, 2008

Yes! Yes, Yes....

Someone -probably someone that shares my main problem with "general knowledge"- found a very nice and polite way to answer those emails with odd questions that family, friends, foes and coworkers tend to send our way...

Until now, emails with questions like "Hey, do you know who sells fuchsia ping pong balls?" or "Do you know what is the average life expectancy in Malasya?" usually put me in that uncomfortable situation where I have to decide if I will answer with a blatant "Why the *&p;^K you don't try Google?" (possible ruining the relationship forever) or if I should actually go to Google, make a search and send them back an answer or a link, feeding the laziness or the techno-ignorance that lead to that question to start with. Let's face it: we may know a bit about almost everything, but no, we don't know the average life expectancy in Malasya, nor we want to use part of our memory to store that information!

Until now. Thanks to "Let me Google it for you" now you have a passive-aggressive way of answering that is at the same time extremely cool AND didactic. How it works? Easy.

Whenever you receive one of those questions instead of going to Google you go to "Let me Google that for you". Enter the question as you would do the search (not literally most of the time) and press "Google Search". Instead of going to the results, you will get a link. Copy that link and send that link back to whoever asked the question. When they click on the link, this is what they will see

Of course what I like the most is the "step by step" indications that are right below the search box, that in case you haven't noticed, end up with:

Aaaah...what a pleasure. Now I got to be mean without being horrible mean!

Make sure you bookmark "Let me Google that for you" to have it handy the next time a dreadful question comes your way! Now if you don't care at all about being "nice" you can always use "Just F****ng Google It"

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