Dec 15, 2008

Another Brand Alphabet to Play With

After seeing a good share of "Brand Alphabets" online, I decided to make one myself. You may think that there are enough out there (and you are probably right) but what was bothering me is is that they all work with the fonts, not with the iconic part of the logos.

So here is the one I made. Whenever the logo was inside the icon, I erased the logo and left just the image, except in one case that I believe there was a need for a hint. The brands are in alphabetical order and for some letters I have more than one image. A "help" is given by the first column that shows what letters are included in each row. Of course my point is that in some cases, the image, the symbol, the icon is as powerful as the font and sometimes it's even more.

Want to play? Think you can get all of them? (Disclaimer: this is a "US centric" alphabet: at least a couple of images are very known in the USA but not so much in the rest of the world. If you don't get those but you guess all the rest, you are still a very good "brand player"!)

How many did you get right? Any specific image that you think should be replaced with a better option? The solution with all the brand names is at the end of this post and below you will find some other "Brand alphabets" to play with....

So, want to play more? These are several brand alphabets online... the one I like the most is this one, that seems to be one of the newest ones and therefore a little more "techie".

If you jsut can't stop and you still want more, you can also visit the "Retail Alphabet Game" where you can find 5 different editions of a similar game, this time with the fonts too but not the actual "first letter" of the brand name, just a letter that you should be able to recognize.

Think you have a better one? Let me know!

The correct names are (in order): Apple, ATT, Bacardi, CocaCola, Delta Airlines, Disney, Esso, Firefox, Gatorade, Gators, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Jaguar, KFC, Kodak, Lays, Lipton, Mercedes Benz, NBC, Nissan, Omega, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Quantas, Quicktime, ReMax, Sprint, Suzuki, Technorati, USPS, Verizon, Wella, Wendys, Xerox, Yankees, Yoplait, Zippo.

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