Jan 22, 2009

Hope for the Mutts

If nothing else you have to admit that Obama's figure has inspired thousands of artists with his words, but it was Shephard Fairey's image the one that became the most known.

Now you can have your own image with that style, thanks to Obamicon.me.

The only thing you need to do is to upload your picture. Once it is converted you can choose the caption and you can also get it printed as a poster, a stamp or transfer to a t-shirt.

Here is my dog, a "pure mutt" breed; the "ugly doggy" that has given the name to this blog.

Of course, he is campaigning to get another mutt (s)elected to the White House.

He still has hope that a mutt can make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, as I do too.

If you want to help him with his campaign you can vote for him here!

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