Jan 23, 2009

It's Friday, Change Your Point of View!

Very nice (and soothing) video from German artist Lena Gieseke exploring the Guernica in 3D.

In her own words, "It provides the unusual opportunity to view the painting from a unique perspective, revealing aspects that would normally stay hidden from the casual viewer (...) Consequently this three-dimensional exploration of Picasso's Guernica is an innovative technique for comprehending and appreciating the original masterpiece."

If you want to read more about how it was done, here is the project's website.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is possible yet but I think I would prefer to explore the 3d model myself instead of being guided through it via the video.

I feel like the painting's interpretation is changed a bit by viewing it in 3d and being guided through it changes your perception of it as well; the order you view the elements and how they tie together seems to be important.

I'm not even close to being an art critic or even someone who really tries hard to appreciate technique or looks for hidden meaning; but I imagine the effect of the work on any viewer will change based on how the work is presented to them including not only the format but in the manner in which they get to explore the work.

thanks for sharing this video.