Jan 30, 2009

No News is Good News

Probably I will not be able to post anything here until at least Wednesday of next week what means I will not be talking about the SuperBowl ads. Like someone cares, they are all online already, the surprise is gone.

The thing is that we are moving tomorrow to a new home and Comcast told us that they are not sure if they can "move" our connection (even though we have a business account!) until Tuesday.

Nevertheless -connected or not-, I will have a lot to do between work and unpacking but I am excited because I really, really, really like the new house and we will finally have a garage... yeay! Anyway, don't worry I will be back soon.

Meanwhile I leave you with this picture (that I took with my cellphone from my car) that I have decided to titled....

"Moving, Florida Style"

Yeah, it is a palm tree in a convertible. It was right in front of me. I swear. This is Florida, remember?

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