Feb 5, 2009

An Unusual Riot

Last year during my trip to Buenos Aires, one of my friends -knowing my love for street art-, took me to an unusual corner of the city, totally covered by a comic style graffitti.

What makes it so special is not only the size -it takes the whole corner- but the scene that represents: Noah's Ark after a riot and under the animals' control!

What can I say? I simply loved the idea. Below you can see sveral shots of the corner. Sadly it was at night and it started raining so the pictures are not great, just decent enough...

1. The whole corner
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2. A bit more in detail
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3. The sign painted over the window reads "Ark taken" and yes, that is Noah tied down...
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4. Around the corner
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I am not sure who lives in that corner (maybe the artist?) but even the number of the house is part of the graffitti.

On the website that appears as a signature (danograff.com.ar) you can see other work from the same artist. Strangely enough the Ark's riot is not featured there.

Thanks Grace for taking me there!


Anonymous said...

I love this graffitti so much!. It remainded me the whole idea about what is life for!!! :) Thanks Sandy to let people know a little bit of Buenos Aires.

Cyn said...

I am from Buenos Aires but never saw that corner... LOVE IT! Can you tell me where it is? I am going back home in March and would love to swing by to check it out in person :) Thanks in advance!

San said...

The corner is Soler and Armenia (Palermo). The exact address is Soler 4611... (is not that I have a good memory, I have the address in one of the pictures that I didn't post here, lol)