Feb 24, 2009

Monster Idea

I seldom use the snail mail to send anything -except maybe one of those cards to renew subscriptions-, so I really don't use stamps at all but I would buy these ones in a heartbeat just to have them. In fact I know that at least a couple of my friends would love to have them too.

They are the work of Adam McCauley and he won a gold award for “Monster Stamps” at the Society of Illustrator’s annual exhibit.

Of course my favorites by far are Dracula and the witch (Romania and Salem respectively) but the whole group is awesome and the idea alone is one of those that makes you wonder "How come no one had this idea before?"

Check them out...

The mix between sci-fi, comic, vintage design and "monsters by city" it's just perfect and the real name of this work is "The Monsterologist Endpaper Stamps".

If you want to see other work by the same artist, just visit his site. I personally love his "Other Vaders" series but you can spend a good chunk of time browsing all his work and finding your own favorites.


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