Feb 16, 2009

A Twitter Surprise!

Yesterday I worked until it was already today and ended up going to bed around 5 am so today I checked my email kind of late in the evening. Between work, friends and spam (that I want to read, I can explain it another day) I receive around 1K to 2K emails daily. But today a surprise was waiting for me in my inbox. Check it out:

UD by Ron
Aaron, a Twitter friend and graphic artist with whom I share the love for good designs, a particular shade of blue and the thrill of finding amazing art websites, sent me this direct message through Twitter: "Thought you might enjoy this. I was just bored" and the image that you can see above this lines.

I love the idea of the light behind the logo and of course, that shade of blue. I may try it at some point whenever I find the time and the energy to redesign UglyDoggy.

Meanwhile, I just want to show off my unexpected present and say publicly "Thanks, Ron!" and thanks Twitter for being the medium that allows surprises like this one...

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