Mar 25, 2009

Aliens Drowning in Florida

At home we are always joking around the "alien" word. I learnt English, not American, so for a while I was a bit uncomfortable with the fact that people (government included) would refer to me as an alien and not as a foreigner. At the end of the day, alien is used also to denote 'extraterrestrial creatures'. However, as I tend to see the world as a weird place and my views are not exactly the most common ones, I end up accepting such 'title' in its most ample sense.

Nevertheless, I never expected to see signs in the park aimed to life forms from outer space but that was exactly what I encountered at the park near my house in Tamarac, FL.

Thanks god they added the "no swimming"!..., because without words that could be interpreted like "aliens drowning" or "beware, aliens in the lake". I mean..., I am not surprised that someone would come up with such a poor design, what really surprised me is that someone approved such design and more surprising is the fact that someone decided that is was good enough to buy it!

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