Mar 27, 2009

It's Friday, Discover Argentina!

You may have never visited Argentina but..., do you know how many times you have seen Buenos Aires, between movies and commercials? Chances are way more than you think!

Buenos Aires (or BA as we call it) it's a magnificent city but also one especially good for shooting commercials. Here is an ad shot there that if you live in the US you have probably seen:

Now, while this previous ad doesn't try to hide the fact that the action takes place outside the USA (the taxis and the buses make that pretty clear), there are countless commercials for the US or the European market that have been shot in a BA but disguising the city.

That is one of the several reasons BA is so often the chosen one to produce commercials: with very little effort it can be disguised as an American city or an European one, depending which neighborhood is selected. Some examples of very well known commercials shot in BA, where the city has been "retouched" (just the signs or the buses) are...

T-Mobile - G1 (Germany)

Not all of them are just music and no words. The latest ads from Discovery Card (like this one, and this one ) have also been shot in BA. Nor all the commercials are shot just in Bs. As. This ad for BMW goes from Tandil to BA and you may remember this other ad from Guinness (one of the most expensive ones commercials so far) that was shot in Salta, Argentina.

You have seen my country in movies too, from obvious titles like "Assassination Tango" or "Evita", to not so obvious like "Seven Years in the Tibet" or "Highlander II".

The thing is that while BA is great because it can be easily disguised as another city, across all the rest of Argentina you can find natural scenarios that are difficult to recreate. If you add to this a cheaper cost of production and the fact that you can also find there excellent production companies and skilled personnel, you clearly have a winner ticket.

Now that I think about it, I may start a new section: "Shot in Argentina". With so many commercials done there, I will not run out from material any time soon!

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GraceGuzman said...

I DO Love Buenos Aires too much, thanks for show us throuhg the eyes of the world! :)