Mar 4, 2009

The 'Blow Me' Toy

I swear I don't know where to start with this one.

I could say that the title of this posting is because the image blew my mind, but that would be lying. It is true though, that when I saw it I was suddenly speechless (what rarely occurs!)

As you may know, I normally try to feature nice things, being those "things" ideas, products or designs. I rather go with things that are pleasant to the eye than with those that are not.

But let's face it: there is a lot to be learnt from BAD ideas or bad designs. In this particular case I am talking about a bad -very bad- execution. Once again, here I go with my mantra: a good idea, bad executed ends up being a bad idea. In this particular case we are not even talking about a good idea but a simple toy..., that went HORRIBLE wrong!

Take a look and judge for yourself...

I wonder how many parents may have bought the product to find later -at home- this little detail... I am not sure I could get around it, I think I would probably tell my kid the toy is broken!

My smart ass husband, on the other hand, swears that Wolverine is smirking and he wonders why...

Thanks Paulo for sending me the link!


Anonymous said...

Now that I think of it, maybe they were targeting this to gay nerds.

San said...

Really? C'mon, I bet there are waaay better 'toys' for those :))