Mar 5, 2009

Revenge Sweet Revenge...

Just few days ago I was talking about how creativity can be increased by powerful emotions, like passion or anger. If you mix any of those powerful feelings with the talent of a stand-up comedian, the end result can be totally explosive and extremely funny.

This is one of those cases. Tom Mabe is a comedian and a pretty good prankster that decided to have fun at the expense of telemarketers. This is one of his most famous 'conversations' with one of them. I never thought I would ever say this, but for a fraction of a second I even feel pity for the telemarkater...

This proves that a creative revenge is -without any doubt- the sweetest one!

Mabe has two CD's with his best work on answering telemarketers and in fact he became a little more famous some years ago when he "crash the party" at a telemarketer's convention in Washington D.C.

The story goes that hundreds of telemarketing big wigs were at such convention, hoping to get positive press for their industry and ultimately discourage any laws being passed that prohibit telemarketing. Mabe checked into the same hotel the telemarketers were staying, found out what floors they were on, what rooms they were in and started calling the telemarketers in their rooms at 3 a.m., trying to sell them stuff like sleeping pills. Everyone from Paul Harvey to The New York Times called Mabe their newest hero.

Visit his site to hear more of his work and/or buy his CD's... and keep laughing!

Thanks Euge for sending this!

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Bill said...

That guy is hilarious. I've heard that segment probably ten times and I get a good chuckle every time.

In another one he changes the script a bit when a cleaning company calls; he tries to find out if they can get blood out of things.. It's pretty horrifically funny