Mar 20, 2009

It's Friday, Laugh With Elmo and Gervais!

Believe it or not, this year Sesame Street will be 40! To celebrate such occasion they are having some special guests and this is a compilation of outtakes from an episode that will air in November.

Warning: it is Sesame Street and Elmo but mixed with Ricky Gervais and the result is not for kids -but it is, of course, hilarious!

Seems pretty clear that they will probably not air the whole interview, at least not during the official "for kids" program..., but I hope someone in their team is already collecting material to do a "Sesame's Street 40th Birthday DVD" for adults only!



Unknown said...

That is hilarious, I want to see more!

San said...

I know, I hope they made a special just for adults! :D

Bill said...

I'm pretty surprised they even released this little snippet considering how much they have to protect the Sesame Street Brand of wholesome goodness for children..

Not too often you'll see Elmo in a discussion including necrophilia.

It really is stunning that Childrens Workshop let this get out on the net.

Anonymous said...

shut up bill.