Mar 19, 2009

Sex & Cars

Some friends of mine that live in Singapore decided to spend New Year's Eve in Japan. Because it was a last minute decision, they were having some trouble to find a hotel so they finally settled in one in Kamata's neighborhood to find out later that the place was what they described as an Argentinian "Liniers". For those that have never been in Argentina, let's say is an ok neighborhood if you are not bothered by strip clubs, but you are not near anything interesting and you have nothing to do there as a tourist.

Nevertheless they managed to find a gem, a business in the area named "Ferrari". Now, advertisers and public are equally aware that for various reasons, powerful, expensive cars tend to be associate to sex one way or the other. In this case, this Ferrari business wasn't offering fast cars but, let's say, "fast girls". So far, all good. They can call themselves whatever they want and they are not operating in the same country nor in the same industry of the other Ferrari, the one founded by Enzo.

All good, until you see their logo in all its splendor...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is in fact the Ferrari logo with an 'added bonus'. I am still undecided: was this a stupid idea born out of a total lack of creativity or is it a brilliant one? I mean, it catches your attention, doesn't it?

One way or the other, I found it terribly funny in a childish way. There is no lesson to learn on this one, except maybe that in Japan too cars and sex go together...

PS: If you understand Spanish, you can read more about my friends' New Year's Eve adventures in that neighborhood here and see a full picture of the entrance to the strip club here.

More weird (and bad) logos here.

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