Apr 29, 2009

100 World's Influentials List Hacked!

Some days ago, there was a buzz going around when the Time.com poll for the "100 Most Influential People" ended up with Moot being on position number one. It was surprising, of course. I personally find it odd but didn't give the list a second look. Today, a friend of mine sent me a link with the definitive proof that the poll was hacked.

Yes, even when Time.com says that their "technical team did detect and extinguish several attempts to hack the vote", apparently they didn't really extinguish them.

Take a look for yourself, here is the actual list with the capital letter of each "winner" in bold. You see anything weird?

Yes, it reads "Marble Cake Also The Game". Do you still think that is a coincidence? If that is the case, here is a very technical article on how the hack was possible.

If you think the list is photoshopped, check out the original results as published on Time.com (they are the same, I checked already, duh!).

You have to give some credit to the guys behind the attack. They probably have too much time in their hands, yes, but at the same time they actually achieved their goal.

It seems to me that big media needs still needs to learn a thing or two about the online world. Now let's see if Time.com acknowledges their incompetence... I mean, that would be the least they can do (and the right thing to do!)

PS: Another friend just wrote to me saying "I don't think they will admit the hacking because they probably think that it will make them look bad." Personally I think that it is the other way, that trying to deny what happened is much worse! What do YOU think?

(Thanks, Dani for the link!)

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