Apr 28, 2009

Buildings As Unusual Advertising

Two interesting examples of companies using their own buildings to get some attention: the first one from Japan, the second one from Argentina.

In the Japanese case, it is in fact a mix of advertising and information. The whole building is an electronics shop and the cell phone covering the building is more than just a gigantic billboard, it also indicates what type of products you can find in each floor. If you look closely, you will see that the numbers do not go from 0 to 9 and that "Windows" products are available in floor #7 while CPUs are on the first floor.

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Source: Kirainet

This second case is pure advertising but at the same time -as a whole- is more subtle than the Japanese: I personally know people that walk down that street almost daily and have never noticed this "ad" for Topper, a well known brand of sports gear.

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This building is on a main street in Buenos Aires (Santa Fe Avenue) and now the brand owns the building that appears on the left -with their logo at the top- but they used to be where the ad is, and my guess is that they still own part of the place.

If you click on the picture to enlarge you will see that the "ad" encompasses some cool small details: the woman and the kids on the balcony are part of the whole scene and near to the top of the building -like carved in the stone- it reads "Todo está en juego" what translates as "Everything is in play".

Companies using their buildings as advertising may not be nothing new but I really like the well thought details in these two cases!

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