Apr 24, 2009

It's Friday, Be Cynical!

No, I am not on vacations my dear weirdos...

It just happens that some days ago I was having an interesting and heated discussion about the difference between being "mean", "evil", "wrong" or just "cynical".

Then, some days later, I run across "WrongCards" a website with very nice designed postcards that -depending on your point of view- can be seen as cynical, wrong or totally evil. Nevertheless, if you have some twisted sense of humor, they are a blast.

You can send them for free to friends and foes and there are postcards for any ocassion. Check some examples...

"Positive Thinking"


Power (or the lack of)

Finally, one of my favorites. It is not the best, but it is a good example of how "wrong" could be "right". If my husband would send me this one while I am traveling, I wouldn't find it wrong but terrible right!

Missing You

Let's face it, in some extreme examples, we may all agree with something or someone being evil or mean, but in hundreds of cases we may not agree simply because at some levels those definitions are very subjective. Being myself the type that tends to give answers 'tongue in cheek' I have experienced first hand how different we may appreciate irony or cynicism.

Some people hate irony. Some because they don't get it, some because they want to avoid offense at any cost even if to do so they have to lie. On my side, I have been compared more than once to Dr. House, and I take that as a compliment. I think is related to the fact that I tend to prioritize truth over almost anything (of course, there are some exceptions) and that I hardly take offense if you are just telling me things as they are.

Take the postcard at the beginning of this post. If any of my coworkers would leave that one on my desk I would laugh out loud but would never be offended. It is the truth after all!

The postcards from "Wrong Cards" are free and I bet that you will laugh or you will find them offensive but you will probably stay there for a while browsing the whole collection !

On the other hand if you really want to have a card, a real one, to get rid of annoying people you should check Gramkin Paper Studio "Courtesy Cards"

These ones are for sell at Etsy and I believe they are an oximoron... using these cards are a very polite way of being unpolite!


Atheist Confessions said...

I think ecards are great in that they encourage skepticism of one's own thoughts, which is desperately needed in our society.

I don't think the pessimistic aspect of cynicism should be championed or promoted, though. I did just that for years, but now I am realizing just how much that has hurt me & held me back in life.

The cards are hilarious, though.

(in case you wanted to know what I think :)

rhea said...

Great link, thanks!! I'm sending it out to my favorite people!

San said...

Glad that you found them funny too and to answer your question I am always interested in what others have to say..., if nothing else to learn more about human nature and reasoning!

Anonymous said...

I will use the links you post it to send e-cards to those who did not understand when I said, "no thank you".

steveorg said...

Love the cards, but the site makes me nervous.

The weight loss ads link to a site that at best uses ugly techniques to keep you there, but those techniques may be a smoke screen to install malware. Do not click the popups, just close the window.

The site asks for email addresses as it must to send the postcards. They have an anti-spam privacy policy, but there's always the chance it's a sham. The fact that it accepts advertising from the dangerous diet site makes it more likely that the privacy policy is a sham.