Apr 16, 2009

Right Now Vs. 30 Years Ago

I love the new Sprint campaign "Right Now" for several reasons. On the one hand it feeds my belief that numbers are cool: not always useful, not always being understood (or analyzed) in the right way, but always good to have, even if it is just for fun, like in this case.

On the other hand I love the fact that for each day the commercial airs with the line "26% of you have no idea what Twitter is" is helping to change that number what makes more clear how quickly the "right now" is changing around us.

For those outside US that may have not seen the commercial, here it is. "Welcome to the now network":

But what I really, really like about this commercial is to imagine how strange it would sound if -thanks to a time machine- we could air it back in time, let's say during the 70's. NOTHING in it would make sense. There was no cellular networks, no email, span was food, the only popular tube was the one underground London and of course 100% would know what twitter is..."to rapidly utter chirping noises".

Think about it. What has clearly defined the last 30 or 40 years is how quickly the present -our right now- is changing right now!

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