Apr 17, 2009

It's Friday, Dance With Me!

It's Friday again and I wasn't able to to write a new posting until yesterday...(sigh) Oh well, such is life; so much work, so little time! On the bright side "it's Friday" and here you have a guerrilla marketing action very uplifting to watch...

Pretty similar to what T-Mobile has recently done in London but closer to my heart just because of the song, this was a promotional stunt that took place at the entry hall of the Central Station in Antwerpen, Belgium. The promotion was for "Searching for Maria" a TV program in some way similar to American Idol but where the search is limited to find the main star for one specific show.

The coreography included 200 dancers and as you will see a good number of them were kids:

In this case the search is of course for the main character of "The Sound of Music".

According to my friend Marc who was kind enough to translate the information (originally in Dutch) for me, this program is very popular in Holland and Belgium and last year was aboout finding the main star for the opera "Evita".

Enjoy your weekend! ♫ ♫ Doe, a deer, a female deer, Ray, a drop of golden sun, Me..., a name I call myself... ♫ ♫


Anonymous said...

it's a pity the accompagning music was so childish and idiotic.

San said...

As it happens with almost everything your appreciation is very subjective. I like it BECAUSE of the song, but on the other hand that was the song to use ... they are searching for someone to be in that play!

lucila bodelon said...