Sep 7, 2009

On Parents and Education

As seen in CNN - Weston, FLI can't help but laugh at the "controversy" about the President giving a speech to students about the importance of education on their first day at school. Parents that are complaining about "indoctrination" clearly have no idea what that word means (no surprise there).

You can read Obama's speech here, there is nothing in there that even gets near to political propaganda.

I guess that those parents complaining like cry-babies are threaten by anything that the POTUS may say just because they have little positive to say at all. Or maybe, they really would prefer their kids to become rich and famous the quick way, through reality TV or rap because that would not challenge them (the parents) in any serious way. Something in the lines of "Let's keep 'thinking', 'asking', 'learning' and 'commitment' out of our lives." What is a shame, because if there is something that nurtures creativity is exactly that, the capacity to keep asking questions.

The very sad part is that their complaining just comes to show what kind of parents they are: the lousy type. Good parents are not threaten by that real big world outside their homes that is so full of different ideas. Good parents do care about what their kids are exposed to, of course, but they are powerful enough in their knowledge and conviction, -and most importantly in the eyes of their kids- to talk with them about what they may have seen or heard anywhere and discuss those things with their kids, as another way to teach them.

As I said, I don't see any indoctrination or political propaganda in this speech, but even if there was a hint of it, a good parent could easily rub that off from their kids. Of course, to be able to do that, you need to have half a brain, some basic capacity to articulate coherent sentences and -last but not least-, the ability to talk with your kids (as opposite to give monologues to them.)

Really, parents that do fear a speech like this, should re-evaluate their parenting skills; they obviously do not know what means (or how to be) a good parent. It may sound harsh but it is just a fact of life: Good parents are not threaten by a 20 minutes video that their kids will see just once in their life!

PS: BTW, have you read Reagan's speech for the same occasion? It wasn't exactly what I would call an "objective" one. If you compare them, there is clearly more political propaganda in this one that in Obama's speech, but I guess that was another time. Maybe at the time, those parents that differ in their views knew how to talk to their kids or maybe the type of people that are complaining now would have not complained about Reagan's propaganda because it was "their" propaganda...


Anonymous said...

But... You were not able to write this posting until yesterday, when the White House finally released the contents of the speech. Why did they do that on Labor Day when people are likely not home or in front of a computer? There was clearly an opportunity to do this last week.

The "crybaby" parents were being "good parents [caring] about what their kids are exposed to" because until the White House finally released this content, it was a complete secret what the President was going to speak about.


San said...

Funny. I would say it is the other way around: what better day than on a holiday, when parents have all the time in the world to read it without being tired from work..? Also, I can't help but ask how many parents were so concerned in advanced about Reagan's or the Bushes speeches. But I guess it may also have to do with how long it takes to some people to read half a page, maybe this "concerned" parents just needed more time... you know, reading can be a difficult task; that is probably why Bush Jr. believed that (sic) “One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.” Give me a break, how many days it takes to read a page? lol

Dan Weinreb said...

Where did the complaints about the speech (before the speech was given) originally come from?

Yes, nobody knew what he would say, but there was a huge hue and cry about the speech, when there was no reason to believe that there would be anything objectionable about it, except to people with a huge a priori negative opinion about the President.

I speculate that all of this came from radio talk show hosts who want to stir up hatred against the President, and do not allow things like facts to get in their way. These people are very good at inflaming the emotions of their listeners.