Jan 10, 2008

A De(Sign)ed Gift for Those That Have it All...

...except good handwriting...

Sometimes I feel that I have seen it all, that there is really nothing new under the sun, that all the "new and cool" products are just recycled ideas (nothing wrong with that, but just not really "new") or not really new products, just improved ones.

As I am a news junkie, an internet junkie and a new trends junkie, I have in my mind more products, ads, ideas and services that you can imagine and that makes it more difficult for me to be surprised.

Thankfully, from time to time, a new product, service, or ad crosses my path, and I am once again, truthfully surprised.
This time the service that surprised me is called "Sign in Style" and what they provide for you is a "designed signature".
As it usually happens when I see this type of products I struggle with contradictory feelings. On one hand I just can't believe someone would pay for a service like this, as it seems like a completely superfluous product. On the other hand I love the fact that someone thought about it, saw a niche and created a product from nothing.

Normally, when it is about extremely superfluous products (like the "White Gold and Diamond Pacifier" , remember?) the negative feelings override any positive feeling that the product may have aroused. This is not the case, I must confess.

The more I look into the product, the more I like it. Useless as it may seem at first glance, it is not an outrageously expensive product at all (both services are offered at a reasonable price) and it seems like a nice gift for someone that has it all or for someone that works with creation... from the business world to the artistic one, everyone can use a nice signature!

And how many of us really like their own signature? We got used to it and we may not dislike it, but the same way we like nice products and clothes and almost anything around us is (well or bad) designed, we could also make a good use of a specially designed signature.

In fact, I am entertaining the idea of ordering one. So far my problem is deciding who from all the 'personalities' that inhabit my little self should be the owner and recipient of the signature...

Should it be SCBR (almost my trademark in Argentina), or should it be San:) (my more friendly US profile)? Should it be AD (for AguaDesigns, the one I used on my jewelry pieces) or should the signature be for UglyDoggy, the blogger and the one that found the product?

Who do you vote for? (Pls let me know, Sybil is having trouble deciding!)

Meanwhile, if you are curious about the product, just visit Sign in Style.

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Abhishek said...

Dear San,
Thank you for writing about Sign in Style. It is really a great feeling when somebody admires your hard work. The idea originated one year ago when I was looking to change my pathetic signature and searched Google for that! but found none who can provide this kind of service. So we planned to start our own service and here it is now. It is great place for teenagers who are yet to decide on their official Signatures.

Keep Signing,