Apr 3, 2007

Ten VERY good reasons you are NOT rich...

In a country where the general population seem to be obsessed with becoming a millionaire, no matter what (or how, if Enron style, or reality show style, or Trump style, or Lotto style, just any style that avoids hard working of course) is a relief to find an article about personal finances that speaks just plain, old, common sense ( the 'less common of senses' as one of my college teachers would say).

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against being rich or even millionaire, and I don't think that desire exists just in the US. The desire is everywhere. But the US seems to have that special mix between desire and naivete that allow several dubious business to not just exist but to thrill, being those the MLM type or the "be your own boss" or the real estate ones or any of those whose promises are that you can be rich in just one year without working more than 4 hours a day...

C'MON people!!! Don't you see that each time you buy a 'how to be rich' book, dvd, cd, suscription to a website or a 'secret' the only one that you are making rich is the one that is selling you that magic secret? Don't you realize that the first step to fall into scams of all sorts is to actually believe that there is a 'secret' out there to become a millionaire or an instant success?

So here you can read the top 10 good reasons you are not rich (of course there are more, including cost of education, health and housing, but those issues deserve a complete article each one) and start thinking with common sense. And remember that even if you are rich you need to work in some way or the other to be able to continue to be rich. Work does not hurts. Nor does education or common sense. Here is an article that helps with the last two.

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