Apr 3, 2007

April Fools (I) Google style

For my friends in Argentina, let me explain first that April Fools is the north-American version of our "Dia de los Inocentes", a day when people would play jokes on friends and media would play jokes on the masses. Some good jokes, some bad, some cool, some clever.

Apparently Google has come with more than a couple of April Fools jokes, but so far my 2 favorites are:

Google Maps --or how to 'destroy' someone else's house (or your own city) with an earthquake, a Godzilla or a sink hole. If you want to play it, just follow this link... (I am still deciding if my sink hole goes over Washington DC or Texas... you know is difficult to know if the guy is working on in one of his multiple vacations in his Texas' ranch... but the guy takes more vacation days than anyone in the country so, so far, I am leaning for Texas...) :))

Here one sample of what you can do:

GMail paper --this is hilarious: "A New Button. Now in Gmail, you can request a physical copy of any message with the click of a button, and we'll send it to you in the mail" . If you want to see the whole hoax, check it out here. My favorite part, the testimonials.

Any good April Fool joke to share with me?

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