May 31, 2007

Real conversations at my house...

Yesterday, I told Glenn "mmmm..., interesting, it seems that there is a new product from Microsoft that changes the way we interact with computers"....

Of course he asked what was that about but I simply answered "something called Surface" and that was it as I was already reading some other news --so it ended there.

Today, first thing in the morning, I checked my email. Glenn was already at work, so I got this email from him:

"Hmmmm…. I think we might be getting a new coffee table for the living room…" and after that there was a link to an article about Surface.

My simple answer was: "that is the one I was telling you about yesterday, but my question is, what happens when you spill coffee over it? Can it recognize coffee too and drink it?

Glenn's answer was very simple too:

"It runs on Vista sweetie…… not Sandy....."

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Connie T. said...

I have a new Sony camcorder that is like that. You touch the screen to make it work. Very interesting.
I just moved from Florida a few months ago.