Jul 13, 2007

3 x 1 (and is not Earth, Wind and Fire)

Today I received via email the lead to a very nice european commercial (thanks Paulo!). A really good ad, apparently produced by Nordpol Hamburg for Epuron.

Nice and weird ad, as it is in English but apparently filmed in France or Belgium, with an actor with a heavy accent, that looks like a crossover between Charles Chaplin and Frankestein. Very good choice in casting --here is the ad:

While seeing it, it reminded me of another commercial that I like a lot that is part of the Ecoimagination campaing that GE is running here in the US. This is an ad that was filmed either in Chile or in Argentina, in the South, no doubt. You can ever hear the kid talking about "El Abuelo". Check it out:

And while the GE ad is lovely, from the first time I saw it, it reminded me of a third ad, this time an ad for our national airline, Aerolineas Argentinas. The theme is different, but the concept is almost the same. Judge by yourself:

I wouldn't say that GE copied the Aerolineas ad, but I believe it was "heavily inspired" by it... don't you think?

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