Jun 3, 2008

Speak Their Language

Some days ago, I wrote about how trying to think as a baby or an animal -any animal except the human one-, can be a good way to exercise your creativity.

In that previous article, the whole thing was about trying to imagine their thoughts, their possible dialogues and how they may see our world. It was about how they would talk to us, what questions they may have for us.

This case is a variation over a similar theme, animals or babies. But this time is about how we talk with them. A very famous commercial from Argentina -that sadly I can't find now- was done from the perspective of a baby, but the emphasis was on how weird their parents look when talking to him in "baby talk" (if you find that commercial, for the brand Mimitos, called "Absorbent parents", please send it this way!).

Last week I trip over another example, this time from an American ad agency (Ervin and Smith). This time it is a direct mail campaign for Camp BowWow, a doggie daycare and boarding facility...

As you can see it plays on how we tend to talk to our dogs, and anyone with a dog can relate to it, so it makes a connection instantly.

How many phrases we use only with our pets or babies but can be understood by anyone else that also has pets or babies? How many nicknames we give them? So if you want another exercise, start writing down the list of the ones you use and listen to your neighbours, friends and foes when they talk to theirs.

Just in case you wonder about it, Ugly Doggy is in fact the nickname for one of my dogs. May not a very popular one, but I bet money I am not the only one out there calling her dog "my ugly doggy"...

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