Aug 5, 2008

Another Bloody Campaign

Drinking and driving is not the only peril on the road. For millions of vampires out there, drinking non-alcoholic blood while driving is equally dangerous, considering they have to suck the blood from their victims and some of them fight back.

Until now. Driving and sucking may become a thing of the past.

Because to help avoiding this and so many other risky situations that blood suckers have to live with (like a stake or a cross) a new product has hit the market: TRU:BLOOD.

Tru:Blood is the very first "synthetic blood nourishment beverage" with a pretty straightforward campaign.

If you are asking yourself WTF? the answer is simple: marketing.

The ad at the top about the perils of driving and sucking is my personal invention, but the product with its own commercials and print ads (see below) it's very "real" and part of a bigger campaign for HBO new series "True Blood", based on the popular book series about vampires by Charlaine Harris.

For this particular challenge, a creative shop called Campfire was the chosen one to market the new series in a different way. And it may be the perfect company to do so, considering it was founded by two of The Blair Witch Project creators.

So far, the campaign includes several websites, being one of the most interesting ones BloodCopy. According to that site, vampires -the biggest minority in the world-, thanks to the advent of Tru Blood (a synthetic blood substitute) have decided to announce their presence and exist among us openly. BloodCopy chronicles the strange days we live in as vampires attempt to integrate with humans.

And then, there is the site of TRU:BLOOD, with TV commercials -that are forgettable-, but a very nice print campaign. Here, some of the ads:


I personally love this second one, that goes very well with the slogan in the first poster for the series "Thou shall not crave thy neighbor"

If you are wondering why I included my own ad, the reason is very simple: not only blogs about the struggle of the modern vampire, it also encourages submissions from readers. If you are not interested in the vampire scene at all, but you want to know more about TRU:BLOOD and its flavors (type positive and negative, of course) visit the product's site.

PS: Why I am helping their cause? My severe dislike of light and sun got me to be known as the "vampire" among my friends... By the way, have you ever seen something more out of place like a vampire in sunny Florida? Yeah, that's me!

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Anonymous said...

Is it true fact?And I thought it just happens in film stories,I am panic on reading this.